T and J - "Providing a Signature Service For Every Family We Serve"
 T & J Family Funeral Home
"Providing a Signature Service To Every Family We Serve"
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T & J Funeral Home is here to provide a signature service to you and your love one. We are a independently owned, multi-generation funeral home that is committed to providing sound advice and the finest personal service. We can provide and arrange for:
Full traditional services at our chapel, your church, graveside or other facility.
Modified services, including transport to or from the local area.
Advance funeral plans that are flexible and affordable.
Community outreach events to churches, civic organizations, and community support groups regarding funeral customs and trends, training for hospice, ministry, and volunteer support.
We understand the importance of dealing with people you know and trust.
We take our responsibility seriously.
We are Prompt, Courtesy and Understanding to your needs.
"Providing a Signature Service For Each Family We Serve".